Jeff & MacKenzie Bezos Finalize Divorce & She's Getting a LOT of Money

Jeff & MacKenzie Bezos Finalize Divorce & She's Getting a LOT of Money

As Amazon turned 25, its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos' divorce from MacKenzie Bezos - his wife of 25 years - was finalised when a judge signed an order for separation and making MacKenzie richer by a whopping $38 billion.

The remaining 4% stake left to MacKenzie Bezos is just under 20 million Amazon shares, worth an estimated $38 billion.

Jeff Bezos after the divorce, got 12% of the shares or $114,8 billion.

The report about this first surfaced on Bloomberg and it also said that after getting the money that has been agreed upon, MacKenzie Bezos will land on the 22nd position on Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The couple were married in 1993 and have four children together.

News emerged in January 2019 that Jeff had been allegedly cheating on his wife with former television anchor, Lauren Sanchez.

The story exploded into the public eye after racy text messages between the two were published by multiple media outlets, including the National Enquirer.

"Now you are the hottest MILF I have ever imagined!", blurted Twitter cad Don Palovitz Saturday in the comments section of MacKenzie's April tweet announcing her divorce. "And I will keep at it until the safe is empty", wrote MacKenzie in an open letter recently.

In May, the 49-year-old San Francisco native signed on with the Giving Pledge, an initiative of Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett that challenges the world's richest individuals to give more than half their wealth to charity.

Both parties have pledged to give away their vast fortunes, however, as the years go by, they continue to generate billions.

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