Patrick Mahomes says he loves being in Kansas City

Patrick Mahomes says he loves being in Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is entering a league of his own.

Well do that later, Kimmel interjected, adding to Mahomes, if you want to.

The pair covered a wide range of topics in the seven-minute segment, including a bachelor party in Nashville, elementary school basketball and Joe's Z-Man sandwich. The fan had a tattoo of Mahomes on his lower back which is a play on the term "Tramp Stamp". The most wholesome part of Mahomes' appearance came in the reveal that he's taking a special guest with him to the ESPYs. "I love being there and I love being a part of the community and a part of that organization", said Mahomes when asked about his home by Kimmel. "Whenever I was in college she said if I make the ESPYs - or if I get to go there - that she gets to be my date".

As Mahomes and Kimmel laughed, the man explained that the tattoo was the result of a lost bet, in which he'd wagered Kansas City would never draft a franchise quarterback in the first round.

Mahomes is great at football, and he's proving to be a great son too. Kimmel seemed to think that he was a shoo-in to win "Best NFL Player".

The show will air at 10:35 p.m. on KMBC (Ch. 9), and will be streaming here on Tuesday morning on ABC's webpage.

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