Samsung CEO ’embarrassed’ by Galaxy Fold launch

Samsung CEO ’embarrassed’ by Galaxy Fold launch

The Galaxy Fold was supposed to shift perspectives and offer the users a tablet and a smartphone in the same device and, as Samsung said, "overturn expectations and set the industry on a new path".

Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh admitted to the Fold's mishaps in his interview with The Independent. A new phone design the corporate has patented that completely ignores the failure of Samsung's piece-of-rubbish first foldable phone, pressing right forward regardless to offer us a kind of the first cousin of that Samsung Galaxy Fold. Koh said that he'd rushed development for the device. For now, the company is "in the process of recovery" and doing lots of testing.

Despite the struggles to get a foldable smartphone ready for customers, Samsung says it remains fully committed to this market and promises even more devices based on this new form factor.

Samsung faced a similar but much larger controversy when the company's Note 7 devices caught fire.

Aside from admitting faults, Koh also confirmed some progress with the Galaxy Fold development after all the fiasco. Specifically, the Galaxy S10, which Samsung launched in March, is already selling better than the S9 during the former's first three months of availability.

Koh didn't go into more detail like whether Huawei announcing the Mate X had anything to do with the rushing of the Fold to the market, but we can of course infer that, the report added. Even more impressive, while other reports have pointed to an overall decline in smartphone sales, Samsung's new flagships have actually improved its standing relative to sales in the USA market.

Samsung recently released a range of camera improvements to the Galaxy 10 and Note 9 phones, but not in the USA where the company sells slightly different variants of its flagships.

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