Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Get Matching Tattoos Honouring Their Late Dog

Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Get Matching Tattoos Honouring Their Late Dog

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are mourning the loss of their dog, Waldo Picasso, after he was killed in a tragic accident last Wednesday. The couple's Alaskan Klee Kai puppy was a relatively new addition to their family (they got him in April 2018), and was recently hit by a auto in what Joe's rep is calling a "freak accident".

"I miss you, Waldo", Turner, 23, wrote alongside an Instagram story on Monday. They both got portraits of Waldo's face-with two different colored eyes and his tongue playfully sticking out-etched onto their arms in black ink.

Sharing some pictures, Sophie had written "Paradise such a magical place #discoversoneva" while Joe sharing pictures, with Sophie in them, had written "I found happiness".

She said: "My dad was beyond pleased when I married a musician because it was always kind of, 'You have to marry a rugby player or a musician.' So I got one of them right".

Their tattoo artist, Dragon, shared a photo of himself with the couple, where they managed to give a little smile to the camera. Their dog walker had Waldo on a leash when the dog got spooked by a pedestrian, broke free, ran into the street and was struck by a vehicle. (Instagram) Joe Jonas' tattoo of Waldo on his forearm.

According to TMZ, Waldo was out on a walk with the dog walker in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The British beauty couldn't have looked happier as she held her husband's hand and beamed away after exchanging vows.

Both dogs were present at Sophie and Joe's wedding in France wearing adorable tuxedos to match the groom's party. He's getting into the Jonas Brothers.

"Everyone stood and cheered and they had huge smiles as they left as a couple".

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