Telstra Outage Takes EFTPOS, ATMs Offline

Telstra Outage Takes EFTPOS, ATMs Offline

Several callers alerted Nick McCallum to the issues, which began just before 3pm.

Almost three hours later, just before 6pm AEST, Telstra confirmed the network connection was back, but it would take time for all systems to be restored.

The outage has also wreaked havoc at Caltex service stations and Woolworths stores.

"At this stage we haven't received any updates from our Merchant Servicing team confirming if there is an issue", a company spokesperson wrote on Twitter. Stores continue to trade.

"We apologise to our customers affected by this".

Some customers vented their frustrations online.

Telstra has been blamed for a problem with EFTPOS terminal transactions and the ATMs of some banks.

Telstra has confirmed this afternoon that a machine-to-machine network is experiencing a nation-wide outage, which is affecting ATMs, EFTPOS terminals and more.

It's business as usual for Australian banks and major supermarkets after a Telstra outage left customers unable to withdraw cash or pay at checkouts for hours.

"My understanding is, and this is unconfirmed from Telstra, the Telstra COIN Network, which is what they call the payments network, has had an issue today".

"We will provide further updates here as we receive them".

The same issue hit St George Bank and Westpac. It's affecting some of our services. "CommBank app and NetBank are up", it stated.

"Due to this issue, we are experiencing higher than normal calls into our call centre".

Commonwealth Bank says the matter is under urgent investigation.

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Affected services include phone, internet, ATMs and all EFTPOS machines.

Westpac said that some branches, ATMs and services in Sydney were non-operational due to a broader network failure in the region.

"We are impacted by an issue with one of our telecommunication providers that are affecting some of our services. These things happen", said one man on Facebook, coming to the bank's defence.

"There is an issue with EFTPOS and Osko transactions. We're sorry for the impact and inconvenience caused", the spokesperson said.

Telstra is regarded as Australia's premium communications provider, but has been embarrassed in the past by service outages.

"We're sorry if this impacts you".

News Corp has contacted Telstra for comment.

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