The UK is predicted to legalise weed in five to ten years

The UK is predicted to legalise weed in five to ten years

Undated file photo of a Cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa).

Currently, Cannabis is a Class B drug in the United Kingdom, with those caught in possession facing the possibility of five years in prison.

Speaking to talkRADIO's Mike Graham he said it was absurd that cannabis is illegal for recreational use but lawful for medicinal purposes.

While Mr Djanogly said legalising and regulating cannabis was "easier said than done", he suggested that the cannabis industry could provide the United Kingdom with a solution to unemployment in formerly industrial northern cities.

"It just demonstrates to me how ludicrous it is that we continue to criminalise people who use cannabis with all the disastrous consequences of prohibition, like extreme violence that goes with it always in the poorest communities, the billions of pounds going to organised crime on a plate and the criminalisation of young people. But I want to see the strength of the stuff reduced, labelled and properly organised in our country", he said.

Now, a group of MPs have seen sense, declaring their support for the legalisation of cannabis.

CEO of MPX Scott Boyes told the BBC his company wants to make a profit from selling cannabis legally in the UK.

"I would call it a post-industrial town, the likes of which we have many in this country, where the main employer, the only main employer in town, had moved out and closed down their factory, and there had been mass unemployment".

"A lot of the money we have raised has come out of the United Kingdom, so I don't consider it interfering with other people's politics and a lot of the expenses have been born by themselves".

Prior to the trip, only one of the MPs, Sir Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk, actively supported the legalisation of recreational Cannabis.

"I think we have got a lot to learn before the legalisation of recreational cannabis, which I think will happen at some point", said Tory MP Jonathan Djanogly.

In the United Kingdom "young people can access cannabis easier than they can access tobacco" said David Lammy.

Cannabis is the UK's most widely used illicit drug with an estimated three million users. "It is high time we followed Canada's lead with legal regulation". A month later, the United Kingdom took what many people consider to be a "first step" in following Canada's lead - Medicinal Cannabis was legalised.

The government told Newsbeat it "has no intention of changing the law" in regards to the legislation.

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