To stem slide in polls, Biden apologises for remarks on segregationist lawmakers

To stem slide in polls, Biden apologises for remarks on segregationist lawmakers

There are suspicions surrounding Russian election interference in many other countries, such as Scotland, the United Kingdom, and Finland during President Obama and Vice President Biden's watch.

Harris, trying to hold a banner for equal rights for blacks, forgets that Biden in the 1970s had to deal with segregationists and racists or else any Democratic proposals would have wound up in the trash bin.

Giving a speech in SC over the weekend, Biden acknowledged that his remarks may indeed have been hurtful to some people, according to HuffPost. "I'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception they may have caused anybody", Biden said during his speech.

"If you look at the issues I've been attacked on, almost every one of them is for something well before 2008", Biden will say, according to prepared remarks.

The Daily Caller noted President Trump questioned Obama's response to 2016 Russian interference ahead of Attorney General William Barr's testimony on the special counsel's report in May.

"New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, another 2020 Democratic contender, brought the issue to the forefront after Biden's comments on working with the segregationist senators, calling on the former vice president to apologize and saying Biden was "wrong" for using those relationships as examples of how to bring our country together".

Foundational to Mr Biden's 10 point lead over Mr Trump in the Washington Post-ABC News poll is a strong support among independent and self-identified moderate respondents - Mr Biden found a seven-point lead among independents and a 28-point lead over Mr Trump among moderates.

"We can not be a nation that is truly free until everyone is free", said Booker, who is African-American.

He also repeated a claim he's made a number of times, saying he believes a war with North Korea was imminent before he became president. "I call it the Obama-Biden mess".

"I was in a caucus with James O. Eastland", Biden said, reportedly in a southern accent. And we're taking, by the way, billions and billions of dollars in tariffs are coming in, and China is paying for it, not our people.I call it the Obama-Biden mess. "So, I feel a sense of gratitude and we all should, I think at least, should give him that gratitude and that thanks". "And we hope we get Biden because when it comes to who's got a better record, Trump has a significantly better record than Biden", the official said on condition of anonymity.

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks as Sen.

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