Two people gored while running with the bulls at Pamplona

Two people gored while running with the bulls at Pamplona

He was reportedly hospitalized after being gored by a bull in the leg.

Both the other men were gored in the left thigh but their condition was not as serious.

Another man was seen being lifted up in the air and dumped on his backside after being surprised from behind by one of the half-tonne beasts.

A heifer tosses a reveller in the bullring in Pamplona, Spain. The opening run this year lasted for just under three minutes and emergency responders from the Red Cross revealed that a total of 48 people were treated at the scene by the charity.

"Young bulls who have had very little contact with humans are transported to Pamplona on a long and stressful journey", the organisation wrote in a recent petition.

Three others suffered injuries starting from mild to critical, based on the hospital.

The nationalities of the man injured have not been released.

Further runs will take place every morning through the northern Spanish city's narrow streets until next Sunday.

Five people were hospitalised after the opening bull run of this year's San Fermin festival in Pamplona, including two Americans and a Spaniard who were gored by bulls, officials in the northern Spanish city said Sunday.

Each day during the fiesta, runners try and test their luck and skills at getting close to the stampeding wild bulls.

The annual festival started on July 6 and will run until July 15.

The festival, which attracts annually around a million people to the northern city, was immortalised in the 1920s by American novelist and Literature Nobel Prize victor Ernest Hemingway.

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