UK Fortnite participant 2nd in World Cup

UK Fortnite participant 2nd in World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup brought together 10,000 attendees in the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium, and over 180,000 more viewed online.

The new concert was announced by Marshmello himself through his own social channels: the appointment is set for tomorrow, Sunday 28 July 2019, but we do not have official times. That's cash they'll get to keep, as a charity wasn't involved in this tournament.

The warm up events of the tournament are officially done and dusted so now it's down to the big one with all eyes on the Solo and Duo prize winners. NA East players Zayt and Saf led the standings through most of the finals' six games, but Nyhrox and Aqua closed in after back-to-back wins in games 4 and 5, ultimately taking first place.

Two teenagers were the surprise winners of the Duos competition - David Wang and Emil Bergquist Pedersen, better known by their usernames: Aqua and Nyhrox.

Although the two didn't survive to the very end in any of the four rounds, they won because of an accumulated 52 points from scoring kills.

One-hundred players will face off in the competition and fight to be the last one standing.

His mother, Lisa Dallman, told the BBC: "If I'm honest with you I've been quite against him gaming".

She admitted to having thrown away an Xbox in the past but now accepted his choice to compete professionally.

"I don't know what to say".

Winners in the solo and duo categories can each receive $3 million before taxes.

The competition is not over yet, the Solo finals will air from roughly 3am AEST.

Seventeen-year-old Josh Juliano has already guaranteed himself a prize of $50,000 just by qualifying for the tournament as one of the world's top 100 players of the hugely popular video game.

The gamers competing in the 2018 Fornite World Cup are younger than ever, as rules were changed this past year to allow gamers who've reached the age of 13 to compete.

Fortnite, a game in which players are dropped on a virtual island where they have to try to stay alive, in part by eliminating other participants with weapons they pick up in the course of the action, has 250 million users worldwide.

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