Brazil gang leader dresses up as daughter in jail escape bid

Brazil gang leader dresses up as daughter in jail escape bid

A Brazilian gang leader desperately tried to escape prison by literally dressing up as his teenage daughter, silicone mask and all, when she visited him behind bars.

The plan had allegedly been for Clauvino da Silva to leave his 19-year-old daughter, who had been visiting him, behind in the prison while he walked out the penitentiary's main door in her place, CBS News reports.

The prison authorities said Silva was planning to leave his daughter behind while he made a dash for freedom by impersonating her.

The inmate, identified as Clauvino Da Silva boldly attempted to sneak out of the most notorious prisons in Rio De Janeiro by wearing a smart disguise.

The seemingly clever plan went awry, however, when prison officials noted that da Silva - in full disguise - seemed oddly and unusually nervous.

In the video released by authorities, da Silva can be seen staring ahead with his hands behind his back as guards remove his wig and glasses.

His daughter has been charged with attempting to help him escape and will be tried in the Special Criminal Court, O Globo reported.

According to the BBC, da Silva is now serving a sentence of almost 74 years for drug smuggling.

Police say they are now investigating the person partially responsible for giving these items to Silva to try to escape out of jail. In 2013, he was among 31 prisoners who escaped the Vicente Piragibe Penal Institute through its sewer system, according to the New York Times. He was detained and transferred to a maximum-security wing of the prison, where he will face disciplinary sanctions.

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