Chiefs' Mahomes, Watkins Speak on Luck's Retirement

Chiefs' Mahomes, Watkins Speak on Luck's Retirement

"It's taken the joy out of this game. the only way forward for me is to remove myself from football".

Luck did not play in the preseason.

In college, under the tutelage of then-Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh, Luck accounted for nearly 10,000 yards through the air, 82 touchdowns, and just 22 interceptions over his three years. He's had a torn abdomen, torn cartilage in his ribs, a lacerated kidney, a torn labrum in his shoulder, a concussion, and whatever ankle issue that was the most recent. It's the harsh reality of National Football League life that if your franchise quarterback goes down, your hopes go down with him. Luck was part of the kit they sent to season-ticket holders. An avid classic rock fan, Luck endorsing the company's Pro-Sport Headphones was a marriage made in heaven. Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer believes there's at least one noteworthy player who could follow this path, but before that time comes, Breer thinks the Colts should kick the tires on him. He is obviously a great player. I didn't initially buy into the hype and during that time, I loved Robert Griffin III.

McAfee said that he and Luck certainly liked their offensive linemen, and both were friends with many, but at some point one of them needed to step up and prevent Luck from taking punishment. He may have been the only guy that didn't know ESPN was reporting his retirement.

But Luck's shoulder did appear to heal correctly, because when he returned to the field in 2018, he and his arm were sterling as ever. Peyton Manning started every game from 1998-2010 and Luck started all but 10 games from 2012-2016.

Luck had three years and $64 million left on his current deal. On the flip side, it's also possible the Colts surprise everyone with Brissett. But for the quarterback, it was about more than money.

"The leg felt fine, but just hitting the Astroturf and getting on the leg made it very sore, and I felt I'd better give it up", Sayers concluded. That risk of injury would not go away even if the game switched to "two-hand touch" and banned tackling. Not to take us away from it. He is one of those players that do not come around that often, and it was obvious during his time at Stanford.

General manager Chris Ballard spent most of the offseason talking about the two starting-caliber quarterbacks on the Indianapolis Colts' roster.

"Knowing Andrew, he is a great football player of course, but he is also a great human being", reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes said.

And when you listen to Andrew Luck, there is no doubt that he's making the right decision for himself and that's all that matters.

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