Cristiano Ronaldo: I admire the career of Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo: I admire the career of Lionel Messi

Both players who have five Ballon d'Ors each, are regarded among the greatest footballers in the world.

Football fans, pundits and players have for a longtime been embroiled in the debate on who is the best footballer between Ronaldo and Messi, with opinion often divided on who is better.

Ronaldo, who signed for Italian giants Juventus previous year and guided them to the Serie A title, is now one of the most celebrated footballers in the world and his rivalry with Argentina's Lionel Messi has achieved legendary status.

The 34-year-old also said "the challenge" of winning individual and collective trophies at the top level keeps him motivated to continue playing football.

"It's a good rivalry but it's not unique - Michael Jordan had rivalries in basketball, there was Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in Formula 1".

"They are things that are done with 15 years when nobody knows you and when you can not think that this will have an impact years later, because when you put it on or imagine that you will become a professional".

"I have an excellent professional relationship with Messi because we have been sharing similar moments for 15 years", Cristiano stated. When the boys see Gigi pushing weights for 45 minutes, at 41, they understand his love for this sport and can only think, "I can do it too".

"But I also say that if for those tweets someone has felt offended and I have to apologize and apologize, I do it humbly and without problems".

Cristiano Ronaldo has finally admitted to paying $375,000 in a settlement and confidentially agreement after sexual assault allegations stemming from a 2009 incident in Las Vegas, according to CNN.

Speaking to Portuguese television TVI, Ronaldo said: "2018 was probably my worst year ever, personally speaking".

He said that "when people question your honor, it hurts, it hurts a lot".

Then a flashy winger, Ronaldo scored four goals from 29 appearances in his debut Premier League campaign.

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