Italian PM Conte denounces Salvini for toppling government

Italian PM Conte denounces Salvini for toppling government

Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini delivers as speech at the Italian Senate in Rome, on August 20, 2019, as the country faces a political crisis.

Conte said "every party is called to work a mediation between partial interests and general ones, when you concentrate only on partial interests you not only betray the nobility of politics but you compromise the national interest", in another attack on Salvini.

He told senators on Tuesday he is handing in his resignation because his right-wing coalition partner, the League party led by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, has made a decision to yank its support for the populist government. Salvini's far-right party doubled its score from last year's 17.35% to 33.6%, while the Five Star Movement crumbled from 32.68% to 16.70%. Salvini has been maneuvering to become Italy's next leader as support for his party grows on his anti-migrant stance.

Italy's president may also seek to build a coalition between 5-Star and Forza Italia - the shrinking centre-right party led by 82-year-old Silvio Berlusconi - as the parties had worked together to support the nomination of Germany's Ursula von der Leyen to the presidency of the European Commission.

Two weeks ago, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini made the surprise announcement that his far-right League no longer wanted to remain in an alliance with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, presenting a no-confidence vote and advocating for fresh elections.

But a bid by his rivals to put aside their differences and forge an alliance could derail Salvini's plan, with a coalition between M5S and the opposition centre-left Democratic Party (PD) being discussed.

Italy's independent Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is due to make a statement amid speculation he may quit. "And this has proven to be very popular with the electorate". "Another landing, another process?"

Depicting himself in counterpoint to Salvini's often derogatory depiction of European Union rules, Conte said: "I tried in these 14 months, to guide Italy's policy along the path of a critical pro-Europe line, but always oriented constructively". "I'm not afraid, I'm proud to defend the borders and security of my country", he wrote, in reference to one of the stranded ships. "I'm a free man and I don't fear Italians' judgment".

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte wrapped up a parliamentary debate on his government's future on Tuesday and confirmed he would head straight to President Sergio Mattarella to resign.

Salvini told the M5S "you quote Saviano, we St John Paul II, he said and wrote that you don't get trust with declarations alone or by force, but with concrete actions and facts and if you want to complete the reforms we are with you".

Mattarella asked Conte to remain in office to carry out day-to-day government business while the discussions continue. He said today he has no regrets for bringing the government down. "That's what Salvini wants to avoid, but it looks like he may have miscalculated".

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