Newly formed storm could reach hurricane strength by Wednesday

Newly formed storm could reach hurricane strength by Wednesday

But at that point, if it is named - likely Dorian unless Disturbance 2 gets a name first upon which the second named storm would be Erin - the system will have moved northeastward offshore of the southeastern USA coast.

NOAA forecasts an "above-normal" 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season which runs from June 1 through November 30. As of right now, it's still way too early to say if this system will be an issue for the United States or not, so we'll continue to monitor it as it moves westward.

However, it could eventually become a hurricane. Land interaction today is limiting organization, but it is expected to move into the Atlantic this weekend, and into an area more conducive for development.

Hurricane season runs through November 30. However, this storm is still a little young in its development to talk specifics about impacts.

The five day tropical weather outlook on Saturday morning, August 24, 2019, shows two systems in the Atlantic, Disturbance 1 closest to Florida.

Formation chance through 5 days.high.70 percent. While this disturbance looks to swing away from the east coast, it has brought some heavier rains to parts of Florida and the Bahamas.

It is possible that by the time it reaches the West Indian islands it may have become a strong tropical storm or even a hurricane, depending on the amount of wind shear it encounters on its route.

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