OnePlus TV with 55-inch QLED panel teased online

OnePlus TV with 55-inch QLED panel teased online

Now that we know the size of the TV, this should help those who are considering purchasing the TV when it launches further cement their decision or change their minds.

Whatever variants OnePlus does launch in India, the OnePlus TV will face stiff competition from a bunch of companies. Thus, OnePlus's screen choice revelation above also signals that the OnePlus TV should be affordable products, something we've been suspecting all along. Let's take a look at the top five things that have been already confirmed.

Rumours about OnePlus TV have been buzzing on the internet, but OnePlus just confirmed that its smart TV will have a 55-inch QLED display.

While QLED displays don't have the insane contrast that OLED displays do, they also don't suffer from burn-in, and they still have better color and contrast compared to older, non-"Q" LCD/LED displays.

QLED stands for quantum-dot light-emitting diode.

Pete Lau already revealed that they used Quantum-Dot LED panels instead of OLED as the latter is expensive and the price difference doesn't match the quality difference. OnePlus has also activated a "Notify Me" page on Amazon.

Other features expected in the OnePlus TV include an HDR panel, AI Assistant and a Bluetooth remote. So it looks like Amazon India will most likely be the exclusive sales partner for OnePlus TVs.

Moving forward, Lau noted one of OnePlus' goals with its TV is to evolve into a smart display platform. While Samsung is the king of OLED screens for smartphones, it's LG that delivers the best OLED experience when it comes to TVs. And while the price could be on the affordable side, "it won't be half the price", Lau said.

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