President Trump Touts 'Very Big' Trade Deal in the Works with UK

President Trump Touts 'Very Big' Trade Deal in the Works with UK

The U.S. and Britain will work out a "very big trade deal" once the United Kingdom has left the European Union, President Trump said Sunday morning in France, where Trump and other leaders have gathered for the G-7 summit.

BIARRITZ, France (AP) - Deal or No Deal?

But the two leaders didn't address the thorny issue of the NHS, agreeing beforehand to keep it off the table.

Mounted police patrol on the main beach (Grande Plage), near the Bellevue congress centre where G7 leaders are holding meetings in Biarritz, south-west France on August 25, 2019.

This view is in direct opposition to comments made by a French official earlier this week. "There is no magic world in which the bill no longer exists", the official said on Wednesday.

Boris Johnson's trip to the G7 summit in Biarritz features prominently on the front pages today.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that his country would not "retreat" from the global community as it leaves the European Union (EU), the media reported on Saturday.

An EU official, who declined to be named, said the meeting had mainly restated known positions.

"One thing I will not co-operate on is no deal", Tusk said.

Mr Johnson went for a swim in the Atlantic before his meetings at the G7 and told ITV: "I swam round that rock this morning".

That didn't go down well at Downing Street.

Johnson desperately needs a US trade deal post-Brexit, as Britain will lose its easy access to the EU's single market.

"Frankly I think it's highly unlikely that there will be food shortages of any kind" (not what govt internal Yellowhammer said), Johnson noted.

On his arrival on Saturday, Johnson said in reference to the escalating U.S. Everyone wants to keep the border open, but disagree bitterly on how it should be done.

Johnson's talks with Tusk later in the day could prove to be prickly after the pair exchanged barbs on Saturday over who would be to blame if Britain left the European Union without a deal.

"I don't want a "no deal" Brexit".

Johnson retorted it was up to the European Union to "get rid of" the so-called Irish backstop, a provision guaranteeing that border checks will not return between Ireland, an European Union member, and Britain's Northern Ireland.

No deal is troublesome because of the consequences.

While Johnson anticipated London and Washington would collaborate on "fantastic deal", cracks emerged when Trump interrupted, saying "lots of fantastic mini-deals, we're talking about many different deals but we're having a good time".

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