The body of Nóra Quoirin claimed by family

The body of Nóra Quoirin claimed by family

"For the time being, there is no suspicion of foul play", he told reporters after a post-mortem examination.

The forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy found some small scratches on Quoirin's legs but ruled that they would not have contributed to her death, Mohamad said.

Matthew Searle from the Lucie Blackman Trust said that he is the sole spokesman appointed by Nora's parents, mum Maebh (centre) and father Sebastien Quoirin (left), to speak on their behalf.

They have also questioned how Nora's naked body, which was found by a hiker on Tuesday 10 days after she went missing, was missed by rescue teams looking for her.

"For the time being, there is no element of abduction or kidnapping", Yusop said at a news conference according to The Associated Press.

Malaysian police say the teenager starved in the jungle after going missing during a family holiday, but Jim Gamble a former police officer advising the family - said a full account of her death has not been established.

The police today (August 15) ruled out foul play in the mysterious death of Nora Anne.

The teenager was discovered missing from the holiday cottage after the family went to sleep for the night, with a large window found open.

She was estimated to have been dead two or three days and not more than four when her naked body was found, he said.

He dismissed theories that Nora could have wandered outside on her own.

Her family said the test results gave "some information" but she died in "extremely complex circumstances".

"Her uncle Pacome Quoirin also told the newspaper they remained "dubious" over her disappearance, adding: "'The findings that were announced in no way discredit a criminal act".

It was discovered in the official search zone, in an area that the team had previously covered.

The girl's family can take her body back to their country if they wish, he added.

Her parents said Anne Quoiri was born with holoprosencephaly, a neurological disorder, which limited her speech and coordination and made her "very vulnerable".

It continued: "Nora's family are concerned that continued reporting of comments such as those recently reported are unhelpful and may hinder any investigations, as well as causing confusion and distress for them".

A post-mortem examination found she died from internal bleeding, thought to be caused by prolonged hunger and stress.

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