US Will Support a UK Choice for No-Deal BREXIT

US Will Support a UK Choice for No-Deal BREXIT

The move, expected to take effect in a matter of days, comes after Boris Johnson said he would "unshackle" British officials from European Union affairs in his first statement in the House of Commons as prime minister.

A Government source said Downing Street anticipated that Monday September 9 - when MPs are likely to discuss the report in the Commons - could be the first major legislative showdown over a no-deal Brexit.

That's because under an amendment to legislation forced through by Tory rebels last month, the government is required to make a statement September 4 about progress toward restoring the Northern Ireland Executive, and hold a debate five days later.

He said: "Anybody who says that those absolutely fundamental rights should be overturned in order to steamroller a policy through parliament is in my view just ignoring the incredible achievements that the British people have in their constitution".

That's the so-called "no deal" option, which, unless there's a last minute compromise, will happen on the 31st of October.

"All cabinet members are members of Parliament, we need to remember where our authority comes from", she added.

Trump expressed appreciation for Britain's "steadfast partnership" in tackling global challenges in a call with Johnson, a White House statement said on Monday.

Less than two months ago, Ms Rudd stated her belief there are enough Conservative MPs who would be willing to bring down a government intent on a no-deal Brexit.

More than 70 cross party MPs and anti-Brexit campaigners filed a petition at Edinburgh's Court of Session to prevent the British prime minister being able to prorogue parliament.

More than 70 parliamentarians argue that sending lawmakers home before the scheduled October 31 Brexit date would be "unlawful and unconstitutional".

Lord Doherty agreed to hear arguments from both sides on September 6, although he refused to accelerate the case itself through the Scottish court system.

"Our sense is that the combination of a tougher line and no specific solutions espoused by Boris Johnson in the race to become Prime Minister was the key driver of the drop in Irish consumer sentiment in July".

An opinion poll commissioned by the Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom shows that a majority of Britons believe that PM Boris Johnson must take the country out of the European Union "by any means", even if it involves suspending parliament, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson reiterated his position on Monday that to strike a divorce deal, the European Union must reopen the withdrawal agreement it negotiated with his predecessor, Theresa May.

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