'Battlestar Galactica' is getting a reboot from the creator of 'Mr. Robot'

'Battlestar Galactica' is getting a reboot from the creator of 'Mr. Robot'

However, THR did mention that the streaming service has reached out to some fan-favorites, including Mark-Paul Gosselaar, about potentially reprising their roles. The cult show will be returning on NBCUniversal's much-anticipated streaming service, Peacock, and the revival will be written and executive produced by Tracey Wigfield who has also worked on 30 Rock. The show was reconceived as an allegory for the post-9/11 world, tackling issues like the War on Terror, and ran through 2009 enjoying serious critical acclaim.

That said, however, NBC is one of the more dominant forces in U.S. television, and a dedicated streaming service with cult classic reboots could help bridge the gap to cable-cutters and so-called cable-nevers that are unlikely to ever subscribe to a cable package or buy an HD antenna. For years, it was a partner in Hulu; NBCUniversal's parent company Comcast struck a deal to hand over its minority share in Hulu to Disney earlier this year.

Details are sparse for the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, but the series will be overseen by MR. ROBOT's Sam Esmail. The cost has yet to be announced, but Peacock (Jesus Christ, we really have to call it that) will boast 15,000 hours of content, including original titles from NBCUniversal production.

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The new Battlestar Galactica isn't the only original series coming to Peacock.

Of course, there'll be classic programs like Cheers, King Of Queens, Will & Grace, Everyone Loves Raymond and many more. Universal put a feature film reboot in development in the 2009 with Bryan Singer originally set to direct, and most recently Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) came onboard to helm the project in 2016.

The service will launch in April 2020, and while pricing was not revealed it is expected to be free with ads for those with cable or live streaming subscription, with an additional fee to remove ads.

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