Ex-Cops Won't Do Time Over Sex With Detained Teen

Ex-Cops Won't Do Time Over Sex With Detained Teen

"These defendants engaged in a shocking abuse of power which they finally acknowledged", said Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. "While I would have preferred to see them serve prison time, they are no longer members of our police department and with today's plea are convicted felons".

"So, given that possibility and given that both defendants have resigned from the police force and will accept a felony conviction and will accept a sentence of five-year probation, this court felt that it would not be unjust or unfair to offer that sentence without jail time on these pleas", he said.

The Brooklyn judge who gave zero jail time to two former NYPD officers - despite their admitting they had sex with a teen in their custody - declared in court that "both sides" had committed crimes.

As a result of the case, a loophole was closed that previously allowed NY police officers to have sex with those in custody as long as it was consensual.

According to the District Attorney's office, the incident took place on September 15, 2017, while then-plainclothes officers Hall and Martins were on duty in Brooklyn. Eddie Martins, 39, and Richard Hall, 34, accepted two counts of bribery and 9 counts of official misconduct.

Chun said that "the credibility of the victim, or the complainant, in this case was seriously, seriously questionable, at best" and hinted that she may face "potential perjury charges", ABC News reports.

The victim of the sexual assault revealed herself under the pseudonym "Anna Chambers" and has a pending $50 million civil rights lawsuit against the city and her assailants.

Although the pair were on duty, they left their post without permission and headed to Calvert Vaux Park in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn, where at 8pm they pulled over an Infinity Couple driven by Chambers, with two men riding as passengers.

Martins' attorney, Mark Bederow, called the plea agreement "a fair outcome". He said the case was "botched horrifically" by prosecutors following "the political climate at the time" rather than the "credible evidence". They later pleaded not guilty to all counts, prosecutors said. Each faced up to 25 years in prison if convicted of the more serious charges.

The men were accused of taking turns engaging in sex acts with Anna Chambers, then 18, while she was handcuffed in police custody, after she was allegedly found with marijuana in her auto and was told she was under arrest.

The suspect was an 18-year-old they had arrested for suspected marijuana possession in the fall of 2017. The victim had immediately rushed to the hospital where a DNA test confirmed that two men had sex with her.

The district attorney said the woman had sexual intercourse with Martins and performed a sex act on Hall.

She was later launched and had the tablets returned to her, with neither detective reporting the cease.

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