Facebook will begin hiding likes on Friday

Facebook will begin hiding likes on Friday

While it may take time to reach a wider audience, the fact that Instagram's feature reached out to more countries gives me an inkling that Facebook won't limit its feature to just Australia.

Facebook has started hiding the number of "likes" for posts in Australia in a trial that could be rolled out worldwide.

To gain Likes, people were sometimes motivated to post messages and videos that they had calibrated to go viral.

With fashion weeks around the world in full swing, the timing is right for the world's largest social media platform ...

Now, the same concept is moving on to Facebook.

"We want to understand from people whether removing the total counts improves their experience, while also not limiting any positive interactions", said Mia Garlick, of Facebook Australia. He added that the site wanted to be a place where people felt comfortable expressing themselves.

More than one billion people use Facebook worldwide. "We know that it can negatively affect kids' and teenagers' self-esteem", said Jim Steyer, chief executive of the nonprofit Common Sense Media. On right, the same post as seen in Australia, where the company is testing a feature to hide "like" counts to the public. As users have tried to draw attention for their posts, they have livestreamed killings on the social network and posted conspiracy theories.

The change prompted backlash from some social media influencers who said that displaying likes was an important business metric for them.

The goal of the test on the photo and video-sharing social networking, which Facebook acquired in 2012, was to remove the pressure on users of how many likes their posts receive. It's the way we've determined how many people think our babies are cute, believe our jokes are amusing and recognize our new jobs are impressive. With no more count of "Likes" people may engage with the post exclusively on the basis of the content instead of blindly liking and sharing it based on its popularity. The change applies to posts from friends and pages as well as paid ads. Views and reactions to Instagram Stories have always been private.

TechCrunch says no further tests are now scheduled, but if the test proves successful, the "hidden" like counts could roll out to other regions or even globally.

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