Father Urges Tyson Fury To Change Entire Training Team

Father Urges Tyson Fury To Change Entire Training Team

Fury later went to hospital to have treatment on the injury and fans will hope it doesn't endanger his proposed rematch with Deontay Wilder, which is scheduled for February.

Fury, visibly possessed with determination, took all of this in without taking his eyes off the area across the ring, towards where Wallin and his team were no doubt stood.

"He wouldn't have even beat Alexander Povetkin on that performance", Fury snr told BT Sport, reported in the Mirror.

"For the majority (of the fight) I could not see out of the eye".

Tyson Fury's father believes his son was out of shape before his win on points in the heavyweight title fight.

"If this was not his show, if he was the away fight, he would have been gone". I have an idea.

Father Urges Tyson Fury To Change Entire Training Team

"He's been focused on losing weight, but his strength and power has gone with it".

It meant the whole bout was contested under a cloud of anxiety as Fury's team and supporters weren't 100% sure whether the contest would be allowed to go all the way to a conclusion before the doctor made a fight-ending intervention.

Although the Swede, unbeaten in his first 20 fights but stepping up a level here, looked to be tiring he managed to grind it out to the final round where, sensing his one final opportunity, landed a big left early and Fury was more than happy to cling onto his opponent in an attempt to avoid further trouble.

Singling out the prodigy trainer Davison for criticism and Tyson's cut-man for praise, Fury Sr. continued to give his take on the team surrounding his son.

He added: "I just think they've got it all wrong. If they keep that team that will be his career [gone]".

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