Greta Thunberg leads 500,000 people at Montreal climate rally

Greta Thunberg leads 500,000 people at Montreal climate rally

The participants in the "Students for Climate Change" demonstration gathered at the coastal city's Great Synagogue on Allenby street and marched up Rothschild Boulevard to Habima Square.

At first, she sat alone, friendless and mocked by her classmates; today, she's at the forefront of a new era of environmental activism. Many of them are saying that Thunberg has found a way to raise awareness of climate change while reaching and rallying people together in ways that have been hard to do for decades.

During an interview with NDTV, the 37-year-old "Quantico" star revealed that Thunberg has become an "inspiration" for her.

At the United Nations podium, she pauses.

It catapulted into the mainstream when the submit was shared by writer Ali Rizvi, who mentioned her speech as Swedish dying steel was the "coolest thing" seen that day. Whatever the case, it is precisely this refusal for niceties, this rejection of compromise and back-patting that feels most threatening to her detractors. "You should be very proud of yourselves (...) because this, we have done together and I can not thank you enough for being here". Before today's march, she met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and gave an unprepared speech in front of hundreds of thousands of people. That, or shameless bullying.

"Over 100,000 individuals also rallied in Rome, where protesters held signs with slogans like" Change the system, not the climate" or even only the term" Future". The report recommends reducing Carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050 - but in order to achieve even a 50% reduction by 2030, we must get started no later than 2020.

It is gratifying to witness a global youth movement uniting around the cause of reversing global warming. What happens if we can't stay under a threshold of 1.5 degrees? She says, "We're seeing more grassroots action, and she's creating a movement where young people are... saying 'we're not going to wait'". "But we should still do the best we can, because the more we reduce emissions, the less the planet will warm and the less people will suffer".

"My message to all the politicians is the same: Just listen and act on the science".

Others have been more offensive, claiming she's being manipulated by sinister forces.

Many of those who came out called Thunberg their inspiration.

She added: "The people have spoken".

At the march in Washington, Fisher and her research team surveyed almost 200 of those in attendance. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, more than 10,000 people are expected to join the city's mass climate strike.

Widespread admiration is not what Thunberg wants.

Her mother, Kristin Hogue, who accompanied her daughter to protest outside the United Nations headquarters on Friday, said she "basically just did anything that she asks me to do". She is not in it for a Nobel Prize, as many have suggested she should be considered for.

"It's too late for us [older people], but not for them". "I don't think of us as angry, I think of us as motivated and ready for change".

The prime minister's image also took a battering earlier this month when brownface makeup images surfaced of Trudeau.

Rally in Montreal led by Greta Thunberg attracted 500,000 people.

With her no-time-to-lose rhetoric, Greta Thunberg shines a spotlight on the daunting task that lies ahead of us: it's not a matter of wanting to do the work, but rather doing it because it needs to be done, fast.

Thunberg is now a beacon of hope and change worldwide.

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