Hong Kong protesters in fresh standoff with police

Hong Kong protesters in fresh standoff with police

But when, or will, they intervene? This was an effort to sidestep the ban, as religious marches are protected in Hong Kong.

"The remarks have distorted the truth, condoned the offenders, flagrantly interfered with Hong Kong affairs, which are China's internal affairs, and again revealed the hypocrisy, hegemonic thinking, and prejudice of American politicians", the statement read.

Given the organic nature of the current protests, the arrests will not stop the organization of further marches. The coloured water is used to make it easier for authorities to identify protesters. "She should carry on and put right whatever has gone wrong", Tam said.

The People's Liberation Army on Thursday rotated its troops in Hong Kong in what it said was a routine operation.

Over the course of 13 weeks the Hong Kong protests have evolved, their original goal has expanded and violence has escalated. Smoke billowed into the air as hundreds of protesters waited on the other side of the makeshift barrier, many pointing laser beams that streaked the night sky above them.

A Christian group of protesters march on a street.

Pressed on whether Lam would be replaced, she said that was not likely.

People took to the streets anyway, many joining a "Christian march" from the Wanchai entertainment district in a sea of umbrellas and congregating next to the Legislative Council, stormed by activists in an earlier protest. They also argue that they continue to respect citizens' rights to free speech and assembly, despite banning marches or rallies - which they say they've done out of concern for public safety. This has led to reports that Beijing will not allow her to concede, something that would be a violation of Hong Kong's mini-constitution, the Basic Law. The proposal kicked off two months of pro-democracy protests that paralysed parts of the city in the fall of 2014, known as the "umbrella movement".

Thomas, 55, said "Hong Kong police are triads".

Young men in their twenties said they were "shopping".

Earlier in the day, a reddit-like forum called LIHKG, which protesters use to organise, said it had suffered a series of DDOS attacks. Firemen battled a huge blaze outside a Methodist church in the main Hennessy Road where water cannon moved in.

Since June, large-scale peaceful protests against the extradition bill have morphed into - sometimes violent - displays of dissent over Beijing's encroachment, democracy, alleged police brutality, surveillance and other community grievances.

For instance, officials have likened some protests to "terrorism", Chinese paramilitary police have conducted drills near the border, several Hong Kong companies have been pressured to suspend staff supporting the protests, and security personnel have searched the digital devices of some travelers entering China. Wong was released on bail and attended Saturday's protests, NPR's Feng reported.

The question of Beijing's influence strikes at the heart of Hong Kong's "one country, two systems" governance, which promised the city a high degree of autonomy and wide-ranging freedoms that don't exist in mainland China.

"Hopefully the judges will do a better job of upholding the rule of law by staying apolitical this time", the editorial said.

The bill is a key issue that's sparked months of protests in the city.

A protesters throws a bottle onto a burning barricade in Hong Kong on Saturday.

He and Chow were labelled "leading separatists" on the front page of China Daily. There is no centralized leadership or figureheads within the movement - they pride themselves on being democratic, leaderless, and flexible.

Over 800 protesters have been arrested by the police since the start of the agitations, including prominent pro-democracy protest leaders like Joshua Wong.

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