House intel chief says Facebook working on election threats

House intel chief says Facebook working on election threats

While some lawmakers like Hawley were quick to upbraid the CEO, several senators praised Zuckerberg for taking extensive time to meet. Facebook said the tech executive "had a good, constructive meeting with President Trump at the White House today".

The settlement essentially called for more advanced privacy controls and more effective oversight of the social network.

Rather than moving users' personal data from properties such as WhatsApp and Instagram to the core Facebook platform, the company should put a wall around the services or, better yet, sell them off, Hawley said he told Zuckerberg. "I think it's safe to say he was not receptive to those suggestions".

The acquisition of dozens of new structures under Facebook's umbrella has long sparked concerns over its ability to not only process massive amounts of personal data with sufficient discretion, but also effectively stand on guard of users' privacy. To be fair, Trump also included a link in the tweet to the same image on Facebook-still, everyone knows his platform of choice is not Zuckerberg's.

Wearing a suit and tie rather than his usual hoodie, Zuckerberg met on Thursday, the second day of the three-day visit, with Senators Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and Mike Lee.

Warner helped organize the dinner with lawmakers at Facebook's request, according to Rachel Cohen, a Warner spokeswoman.

Zuckerberg has been calling for more internet regulation around harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability.

Democratic lawmakers have attacked Facebook's handling of political content, including the way foreign operators have used the platform to sow discord in American public life.

Republicans accuse it of anti-conservative bias.

Hawley has accused Facebook of suppressing conservative speech including when it found this month that statements on the anti-abortion group Live Action's Facebook page were false and temporarily restricted access to it.

"He said that they made a mistake, that there was clearly bias", Hawley said. "I'd like to see some action", he told reporters. Trump has claimed, without evidence, that the companies are "against me" and even suggested US regulators should sue them on grounds of anti-conservative bias.

"Challenged him to do two things to show FB is serious about bias, privacy & competition".

Zuckerberg's visit comes as Facebook faces a myriad of regulatory and legal questions surrounding issues like competition, digital privacy, censorship and transparency in political advertising.

Zuckerberg also sat down with Commerce Committee member Sen. Democrats castigated the company earlier this year after it failed to remove a doctored video of Pelosi.

No details were given on the meeting, first reported by the Axios website.

Zuckerberg doesn't appear to be meeting with government officials conducting inquiries. In July, Facebook agreed to pay $5 billion to settle FTC allegations it violated users' privacy.

It was also being probed by a group of state attorneys general led by NY. Last week, the panel sent a letter to Facebook seeking information about its acquisitions as well as communications from Zuckerberg, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, former general counsel Colin Stretch and policy chief Kevin Martin.

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