In Setback For Boris Johnson, MP From His Party Joins Liberal Democrats

In Setback For Boris Johnson, MP From His Party Joins Liberal Democrats

A video showing the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, calling for a referendum of the issue of "in or out of Europe" began recirculating on social media today.

He said: "The undemocratic thing would be not to implement your manifesto commitments and we are absolutely clear that we want to stop Brexit and the way we will do that in the manifesto is that we will revoke Article 50.

Boris Johnson has facilitated the takeover of Her Majesty's government by the remnants of the Vote Leave campaign", he said, noting that Vote Leave had been fined for electoral offences, and found to have used misleading statistics in the 2016 referendum.

Umunna said Jeremy Corbyn, his former party leader, was doing no better on this front: "You can not be a champion of liberalism if you are now subject to a formal investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission for institutional racism against Jewish people".

"Jo and Alistair (Carmichael, chief whip) have been defending it to everyone but it is highly offensive".

Chuka Umunna speaking during the Liberal Democrats autumn conference at the Bournemouth International Centre in Bournemouth.

The 43-year-old was once viewed as a rising star in the Conservatives and briefly ran against Johnson for the party leadership in June.

The party holds just 18 seats in Britain's 650-seat parliament but has seen its popularity rise in the polls in recent weeks as both Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson grapple with the Brexit conundrum.

Voters at the conference voted overwhelmingly to back her policy, but Lib Dem MP Sir Norman Lamb was among a few to condemn it. "Something big is happening here".

The Liberal Democrats party conference on Sunday voted to formally adopt a policy to revoke the "Article 50" notice filed in March 2017 which notified the European Union of Britain's intention to quit the bloc.

'Acting as an apologist for a hard-right Russian government that thinks it is OK to poison people on British soil, lauding authoritarian regimes in Venezuela and Iran, failing to support the prescription of Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, 'he added.

"But where we agree with others on stopping Brexit, we are in those discussions".

The NHS motion also committed to delivering flexible working to NHS staff and addressing contractual issues that deny many junior doctors access to shared parental leave.

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