IOS 13 GM seeded to developers before September 19 launch

IOS 13 GM seeded to developers before September 19 launch

With Android 10, however, users would further get an option to limit the location access to a few individual apps.

Facebook's latest blog post informs users on how iOS 13 will change location sharing on the app.

"To address this issue, Facebook will continue to respect your most restrictive settings choice". Naturally, this will have an impact on apps and services that need to have access to your personal information. Meaning, if Android 10 defaults to giving Facebook location data "all the time", but you don't have Facebook's background location setting on, the app won't collect your location data when you're not using it. Now, a new discovery in iOS 13 code indicates that Apple might not even be trying that hard to hide the active development of its first-gen AR headset.

According to the hottest iOS 13 attributes, Facebook explains that consumers are in charge of their place. This setting is in addition to the previous settings: "always", "only when the app is in use", or "never".

In addition to this, Apple will also show the map of where the user's location was tracked. The iOS 13, on the other hand, will notify users about which apps can access their location information when they're not using an app. These latest location setting updates on Android and iOS are part of the larger trend across operating systems and social platforms to give users more control of their data (and look better to regulators). Both sites have come under fire for the amount of personal data they were gathering about their users. The alerts are created to make users aware of how often apps track them, and why they do so.

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