Kanye teases 'Jesus Is King' album drop Friday night at Detroit theater

Kanye teases 'Jesus Is King' album drop Friday night at Detroit theater

Insiders had been raising red flags since midweek that the album wouldn't be released on time, despite West's team's best efforts.

North also attended a Sunday Service performance in Detroit on Friday, and clips shared by her mom showed the eldest West child passionately singing to the music - and showing off a missing tooth!

Kanye West has promised Jesus Is King will arrive today, but so far, the album is nowhere to be seen.

Fans stayed up waiting all day and night on September 27 for Jesus Is King, which has yet to hit streaming platforms.

Kardashian first announced Jesus Is King via Twitter in late August, where she released a photo revealing the track list and release date.

Whether it's just the "Kanye West Experience" and no album, or both; I'm sure fans will be very satisfied.

"Kanye West will bring "Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience", to #TheFox tonight at 8PM", a tweet from Fox Theatre in Detroit reads.

"Kanye is doing a listening session in Chicago tomorrow, then NYC Sunday" she wrote in an Instagram Story. Just a few final tweaks to the mixes'.

Adding to the hype was a video Kardashian Insta-storied of a Jesus Is Lord film screening at an Imax theater. This is the second year in a row that we've been played by Ye, with YANDHI failing to materialize last year as well.

Some of the shirts are also packed with a digital download of the album, which will become available upon release date.

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