LaVar Ball Angrily Refers To Lonzo As "Damaged Goods" During Argument

LaVar Ball Angrily Refers To Lonzo As

LaVar may be the ring leader of the Ball family circus, but his show means nothing without his star, Lonzo.

BBB, which LaVar Ball founded, imploded when one of its executives, a former family friend, was caught stealing millions from the shoe company.

It's true that LaVar's whacky comments drew more eyes to Lonzo during his lone season at UCLA, but one could argue that it was the wrong kind of attention.

"I'm just saying, BBB is always going to be the name on the fact that it also stands for the three Ball brothers".

"When I come up with a name and there's somebody telling me to change it, that's like telling me to change your name", LaVar said.

"When I come out with a name and then somebody tells me to change it, that's like me telling me to change your name". "That's like people saying 'Oh, yeah, change Lonzo's name to Alfonzo on the fact that he been damaged goods for the last two years'"'.

Of course. LaVar is referring to the fact that Lonzo's short National Basketball Association career has been plagued with injuries (the Pelicans guard still hasn't played 100 total games yet). Or it could just be a reference to Lonzo joining the Pelicans, who knows?

It's clear there is a bit of tension between these two and with Lonzo in New Orleans, perhaps we will see this father and son tandem take a bit of a break from each other.

Lonzo is Big Baller Brand's only current National Basketball Association endorser, and it was the value of his own name that made the brand a viable business. While Lonzo's footwear decision for the 2019-20 season is still unknown, the future of Big Baller Brand doesn't exactly seem rosy in light of LaVar's words.

LONZO: That's how everybody feels.

LAVAR: The world? That's the consumers you've talked to?

LAVAR: Why is it messed up?

LONZO: He was the main person.

LAVAR: He wasn't the main person. "I made you guys superstars for a reason, but if I don't do the things I'm doing, Zo, you're just another regular ol' player".

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