New Terminator videogame announced: Watch the trailer

New Terminator videogame announced: Watch the trailer

Terminator: Resistance is a single-player FPS set 30 years after the Judgement Day apocalypse.

Terminator: Resistance introduces a new hero, Jacob Rivers, a soldier in the Resistance Pacific Division. Despite the fact that Jacob is just a lowly private, he'll soon discover that he's been specifically targeted by the latest threat from Skynet and marked for termination.

In the end, your goal is is destroy Skynet's Defence Grid and decide the fate of mankind.

Terminator: Resistance is a new title based on the Terminator series. In addition, you'll be able to search the environments for scraps to trade and craft items, much like many survival post-apocalyptic games, and level up yourself and your skills. Complete story missions to rise through the ranks of the Resistance as well as side-quests to help your friends. Reef Entertainment has announced that it will release Terminator: Resistance on consoles and PC with a teaser trailer. Players can battle them with a diverse arsenal of plasma weaponry and, for a franchise that loves playing with the timeline, the ending will change based on your decisions in the game.

Terminator: Resistance will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on 15th November 2019 in Europe and Australia, with the North American release to follow on 3rd December 2019. From the looks of it, this new Terminator game looks better than the Rambo game that Reef Entertainment released a while back.

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