Newly released memo shows Trump pressing Ukrainian leader on Biden

Newly released memo shows Trump pressing Ukrainian leader on Biden

The release came against the backdrop of the president presiding over a meeting of world leaders at the United Nations, a remarkable split screen even for the turbulence of the Trump era. Several Republican lawmakers also defended the president on Wednesday, saying the summary does not show anything incriminating.

In the transcript, Trump asks Zelensky for a "favor" to "find out what happened with this whole situation in Ukraine". Trump was talking about unsubstantiated allegations that Biden sought to interfere with a Ukrainian prosecutor's investigation of his son, Hunter.

As the two presidents met on the sidelines of the General Assembly, Trump said he put "no pressure" on Zelenskiy to look into Biden.

"'Yeah, the former vice president's son was about to be prosecuted and the prosecutor was thrown off the case and you should look into it and you should talk to my lawyer Rudy Giuliani and our Attorney General Bill Barr, '" Napolitano adds, finishing off his impersonations.

U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski said in a statement Monday that he was "very concerned" that President Donald Trump had acknowledged he raised corruption accusations against Joe Biden during a phone call this summer with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. "In order to hold President Trump fully accountable, I support a formal impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives".

"Secretary of State Pompeo received permission from Ukraine Government to release the transcript of the telephone call I had with their President", U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted on September 25.

Democrats have accused President Trump of using his desire for an investigation into the Bidens as leverage with Zelensky, particularly in light of the fact that the White House had, at the time, withheld almost $400 million in aid to Ukraine, which was later released.

"Now, why would the president be holding back on this $390 million package unless it was to see if the new president of Ukraine would comply with the president's wishes?"

"What those notes reflect is a classic, mafia-like shakedown of a foreign leader", he said.

In a signal of a fresh approach from the Ukrainian side, Zelenskiy called Russian President Vladimir Putin shortly after taking office.

Zelensky does bring up USA military aid, but only to thank Trump. "The text in this document records the notes and recollections of Situation Room Duty Officers and NSC policy staff assigned to listen and memorialize the conversation in written form as the conversation takes place".

Trump's defenders quickly seized on the transcript to argue that it revealed that there was no "quid pro quo" in the call, but Democrats zeroed in on the fact that Trump asked a foreign leader for assistance in investigating a potential political rival in 2020.

The transcript of their conversation was released on Wednesday (25 September) by the Trump administration after the U.S. president tweeted on Tuesday that he had authorised publishing the transcript.

A Justice Department official says the inspector general suspected that the call could have been a violation of federal law if the president was soliciting a campaign contribution from a foreign government by asking the Ukraine leader to investigate a political opponent.

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