Record wireless charging speeds to debut on the Mi 9 Pro 5G

Record wireless charging speeds to debut on the Mi 9 Pro 5G

Xiaomi details that the, "30W Fan-cooled Wireless Charging Stand can charge your 4000mAh battery from zero to 50% in about 25 minutes, and 100% in 69 minutes". This would put it on par with wired charging solutions seen on the likes of the Huawei P30 Pro, and just under the Galaxy Note 10 Plus's 45W wired charging (although these brands are undoubtedly investigating faster solutions too).

Xiaomi today announced Mi Charge Turbo 30 W wireless charging technology for its smartphones.

The only unknown is whether the Mi Charge Turbo puck will come boxed with the phone, or we'll have to buy it on the side. For a full charge, it will take about 70 minutes.

The Chinese manufacturer has unveiled 30W wireless charging capabilities, making for a substantial leap over the Mi 9's already nippy 20W wireless charging.

The first Xiaomi phone to feature the new Mi Charge Turbo wireless fast charging technology will be the Mi 9 Pro 5G, which was spotted on the TENAA website last month. This is exactly similar to the Dash Charge charging time, but you don't need to plug in any cable and merely have to place your device on Xiaomi's super-fast charger. Another thing that Xiaomi announced was that the company is now working on 40 W wireless charging tech too. This seems to be a more portable option, which shows users the time and charging level as well. Not in Xiaomi's case, though, as the company developed a multi-layer nanocrystal receiver coil that ups the conversion efficiency to the jaw-dropping 98%, hence the rapid charge and reverse charge claims. This should help in keeping the temperatures under control.

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