Third instance of Trudeau in skin-darkening makeup emerges

Third instance of Trudeau in skin-darkening makeup emerges

A video of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau in blackface was revealed Thursday morning, becoming the the third instance of the prime minister wearing a racist costume unveiled since Wednesday night.

The NDP leader specifically pointed to an incident at a Liberal fundraiser in March in which Trudeau responded to a protester raising concerns about mercury poisoning victims on a First Nation by thanking the person for their donation to his party.

He also said he's been calling friends and colleagues to apologize personally for the photo, adding that he expects to be making more such calls on Thursday.

When asked if Trudeau should resign, Fedeli said, "It's up to the prime minister himself to make that decision".

On the morning of September 19, Global News published a video that showed the Prime Minister in another instance of blackface.

A Liberal spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the video and said it was filmed in the early 1990s.

The bombshell photo shows Trudeau, at age 29, in brownface makeup, wearing a turban and surrounded by women while taking part in an Arabian Night-themed annual dinner for teachers, parents and administrators at a Vancouver private school.

The second instance, which he admitted to while apologizing for the first, is a photo of him at a high school talent show performing the song Day-O "with makeup on". It does not appear the video was shot at the same time and place of the other photos of Trudeau in racist make-up that have emerged in the past 24 hours.

"It was a dumb thing to do".

"The responsibility of not just sticking up for people of all different backgrounds, but fighting for them and defending them is something that made it very very clear to me that minimizing or further marginalizing people by dressing up that way is absolutely unacceptable", he said. "I think that he has to answer for this", he said of Trudeau. "The fact is, I didn't understand how hurtful this is to people who live with discrimination every single day", he said.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer spoke only briefly after landing in Quebec, where he has events today in Saint-Hyacinthe, Granby and Sherbrooke, but signalled that he intends to give no quarter. His campaign then gave it to a "responsible news outlet" for verification, Scheer said.

Global had reportedly obtained the video from a source earlier in the week and had been trying to verify the video before publishing it.

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