Trump Administration Will Revoke Waiver Allowing California to Set Stricter Emissions Rules

Trump Administration Will Revoke Waiver Allowing California to Set Stricter Emissions Rules

The Environmental Protection Agency will reportedly declare California's strict emissions standards for automobiles to be in violation of federal law.

The Trump administration is battling California on several auto industry fronts. "We're prepared to defend the standards that make that promise a reality", California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said the Trump administration's action will hurt USA automakers and American families.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, speaking to a group of auto dealers, said Tuesday that "in the very near future, the Trump administration will begin taking the steps necessary to establish one set of national fuel-economy standards".

Well, President Trump huffed and puffed and now, finally, he's getting on with his efforts to blow California's house down.

To meet the Obama-era rules, automakers might have been forced to lower the price of electric vehicles and "raise the price of other, more popular vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks", Wheeler added. BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, and Ford struck a deal with California earlier this year to MPG standards that aren't as aggressive as the Obama-era figures, but reach far beyond Trump's standard.

In August, the Justice Department sent letters to four major automakers asking about their voluntary agreement with California to adopt compromise vehicle emissions requirements, antitrust chief Makan Delrahim confirmed Tuesday. Indications are that the Trump EPA is now caught in the middle of balking automakers, decisions that are hard to justify scientifically (and thus in court), and the hard-line deregulatory stance of administration officials. "The evidence is irrefutable: today's clean vehicle standards are achievable, science-based, and a boon for hardworking American families and public health".

"It's time to remove your blinders, President Trump, and acknowledge that the only person standing in the way of progress is you".

The move is nearly certain to spark a lengthy legal battle over California's regulatory powers that could throw the critical standards into uncertainty for years. Industry watchers feared that the Trump administration's plan to freeze federal emission standards, a rollback of tightened standards created by the Obama administration, could have led to two auto markets in the United States, one subject to more restrictive California regulations and another linked to significantly less stringent federal standards.

That compares with 4.7% yearly reductions through 2025 under the Obama standards.

The U.S. transportation sector is the nation's biggest single source of planet-warming greenhouse gasses.

But fuel economy has been one of the key regulatory tools the state has used to reduce harmful emissions. Revoking the special waiver would mean that no state can enact stricter pollution controls than the federal government.

"Strong clean vehicle standards give us healthier air to breathe, help protect us from the urgent threat of climate change and save Americans hundreds of dollars a year in gas expenses".

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