Fox News anchor Shepard Smith leaving the network

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith leaving the network

Today's edition of Shepard Smith Reporting was his final show, during which he addressed his decision.

Tuesday was the last day he will appear on the network as an anchor.

Shepard Smith, the longtime lead anchor of Fox News who stood out as the nonpartisan voice on the conservative channel, is leaving the network.

Smith said that he recently asked Fox to allow him to leave and begin a "new chapter". "After requesting that I stay, they obliged". The opportunities afforded this guy from small town MS have been many. "Endeavored to deliver it to you while speaking truth to power, without fear or favor, in context and with perspective".

In this September 17, 2019, file photo, Shepard Smith is shown on the set of "Shepard Smith Reporting" at Fox News Channel Studios in NY. At Columbine, Katrina, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, 9/11, and every life-altering event along the way.

"Together with my colleagues, we have written a first draft of history", Smith said. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity.

His departure is a major blow to Fox News' efforts to remain a reliable news source, as many people view it as a propaganda arm for the Republican Party and the Trump White House. "I've worked with the most talented, dedicated, and focused professionals I've ever known. I'll miss them and our time together, greatly and deeply".

Under the terms of his exit agreement with Fox News, Smith says he "won't be reporting elsewhere - at least not in the near future". That the truth will always matter. After an astonished pause, he said that he was "stunned" and "heartbroken", calling Smith a "decent human being" with a heart "big as Texas".

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