Hina Khan to enter Bigg Boss 13?

Hina Khan to enter Bigg Boss 13?

Sanaya Irani tells Dalljeit to wake up and realise the real reason why she chose to do Bigg Boss.

In today's, episode we will Salman Khan welcoming an ex-contestant of Bigg Boss 11 and to refresh the memory whenever an ex-contestant visit the show some twists also come with them.

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 13. Furthermore, Salman adds more drama to the madness and reads out a letter of love, complain and warning written by the housemates for each other. The game includes shower, which will throw all kinds of things, including flour.

Siddharth Shukla gave 100%, but everybody did not push themselves. More so, the task had to be eliminated.

On Salman's query about the hospital task, Arti clarifies that she was confused about it hence turned emotional when Shefali got personal.

He told Rashami Desai that you are the one who is pulling the team back. She argues that's her nature.

For Rashami, even if Asim is getting out of the task, it was fine because he didn't want his skin to be burnt. She says she feels Arti and Shefali will go ahead in the girls.

The host is also seen giving his opinion on who deserved to be the queen.

Salman moves to next task where the housemates are asked to wear hair bands which has balloons on it. Salman asks the housemates to take a housemates name who they have a complain about and burts their balloons.

Meanwhile Shehnaaz said that the group decided it hence she went with the flow. He told her that while she stood up for herself initially, she started taking a passive stance later. He lands with a red paint shower, a water shower, shower of yellow glitter and feathers as Salman bluffs that the housemates do not agree with him for the next set of questions.

There's no elimination in the first week.

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