Leaked marketing videos show the 'new Google Assistant' on the Pixel 4

Leaked marketing videos show the 'new Google Assistant' on the Pixel 4

Live Caption uses the new audio recording API in Android 10, but it won't work in a few scenarios, including voice and video calls, though XDA did test it as working for popular media apps including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and even Google Photos and Google Podcasts. The new Pixel phone is expected to come in multiple colour options. A few months ago, Google's Emergency Information app had hinted that the company could add auto crash detection capability to Pixel smartphones. From design language to the software specs to camera features, no stone has been left unturned as far as Pixel 4 rumours go.

The app will also allow you to share your emergency status with your contacts by sending them a custom message and your location.

The feature appears to be similar to Fall Detection on Apple Watch, which has saved dozens of lives.

Not too long after the Pixel Buds were launched, at least one Google rep in a NY pop-up store told a consumer to cut that cord once he took the product home.

The good thing about this ad is that it provides us with another look at the Google Pixel 4 - not that we need it given that Google itself has "leaked" the upcoming device. In Europe, the eCall system is now required in all new cars. The speed at which everything moves is considerably faster than what we have now, making it much more feasible to do more with your phone by just using your voice. Not only is it a great feature for those that are deaf or hard of hearing, but it's also incredibly convenient for those unfortunately instances you've forgotten to bring your headphones on a commute or long journey. With that said, one such new item that should be fun to see in action on stage and in-person is going to be the new Google Assistant. In the true spirit of Pixel related leaks as we lead up to the phone's launch, we now have yet another leak about the phone, and this time, it's a really official looking render.

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