Mahira Sharma or Shehnaz Gill: Paras Chhabra’s love interest in Bigg Boss?

Mahira Sharma or Shehnaz Gill: Paras Chhabra’s love interest in Bigg Boss?

Shehnaz gets upset and tells Shefali that Paras has broken her heart twice and that Paras is playing safe in the house. Paras tries to explain to her the reason behind choosing Daljeet. Siddharth Shukla and Asim tell Devoleena that they can not eat rice every time as they need roti for either dinner or lunch. Devoleena and Dalljiet will be seen bringing Aarti and Rashami together to resolve their issues. She adds Koena tends to play games, and switches sides as per her convenience. Paras can be seen saying to Shehnaaz, "You go to hell ..."

Sidharth ends up getting the keys yet again after which Shehnaaz is called outside for the second time. The boys are guards, who get a chance to save a queen at the sound of the drumroll, by grabbing a key. But Siddharth Dey and Shehnaaz want Aarti and Mahira to become queen. Arti advises Sidharth Shukla to control his anger and try to avoid such situations. Later, Sidharth says that everyone got footage due to this argument. Mahira tells Paras that she is only his friend and nothing more.

Later on, Shehnaaz and Mahira have an argument on the same.

Amidst all the fights and bitterness post the task, the housemates will also be seen trying their best to work out their relationships and solve misunderstandings created.

Afterward, Arti attempted to convince Shehnaaz who Paras isn't interested in Mahira Sharma and there's no love affair, but she refused to comprehend. Paras and Mahira make fun of it. Arti and Rashami talk to each other. Paras afterward discussed it with Arti and she advised him that she'd throw Koena's bud but shortly the two began arguing over faith. Koena says he has "zero integrity".

"After Sidharth got Shehnaaz outside, she chose Mahira's bud and said she's breaking it since Mahira is imitation and is attempting to obtain footage with" bogus connections". She did not patch up with him after their fight.

Koena walks in the bathroom and gets shocked to see Siddhartha Dey naked.

Sidharth and Shehnaaz join hands to oust Rashami Desai out of the game. Rashami picks Aarti's pot, and throws it into the pool. Meanwhile, she also goes on to call some people fake.

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