Man arrested after Norway ambulance rampage

Man arrested after Norway ambulance rampage

Norwegian police have arrested a suspect who stole an ambulance and used it to ram harmless bystanders on the streets of Oslo on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said they fired shots to stop the man, but he had not been critically injured.

Police opened fire on the vehicle to stop the criminal.

Police said they were searching for a second suspect - a woman described as having fair skin and wearing a black jacket, around 1.65 meters (5 feet 4 inches) and "who appears to be under the influence" - who was thought to be involved in the incident.

"Some minutes later one of our other ambulances managed to stop the hijacked vehicle by crashing into it".

Public broadcaster NRK showed images of an ambulance driving in the Torshov neighbourhood of Oslo while several gunshots rang out.

The Aftenposten newspaper published a photo showing a man, wearing green pants lying next to the vehicle surrounded by police officers.

The ambulance then crashed into a building, after which the police smashed the windscreen and pulled a man from inside.

Another photo showed a handcuffed man, flanked by police, walking towards an ambulance stretcher. "He is not in critical condition".

"It is too early to say whether this is terror-related, but we are investigating broadly and fully", police said in a statement.

A witness told the newspaper - one of Norway's largest - that he saw "the ambulance driving at high speed toward me ... and right behind a police vehicle". "I heard several shots".

Police declined to comment on whether authorities were treating it as a deliberate attack, the Reuters news agency reported.

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