Reasons Why Your Mental Health Is So Important

Reasons Why Your Mental Health Is So Important

HBO's VP of brand and product marketing, Jason Mulderig, says that "HBO has always been at the forefront of telling stories featuring complex characters, some of whom deal with mental illness, from The Sopranos to Euphoria, encouraging more conversation around the different facets of mental health".

Among those who experienced symptoms, only 40% had not talked to someone at work about it, a fact the authors of the study called "promising" because it shows that conversations about mental health are "happening slightly more often for those who are facing mental health challenges".

Mental health experts on Wednesday said that married women and single men under the age of 30 in Pakistan are among groups most likely to commit suicide.

According to a portion of the study's findings, almost half of millennials (ages 23-38) and 75% of Gen Z-ers (ages 4-22) voluntarily left job roles in the past for mental health reasons, which is a stark rise from the study's average of 20%. The survey also said that while 58 percent of millennials believed it is very or extremely important that a workplace have a culture that supports mental health, only 29 percent of baby boomers felt the same way. The government also announced that it will permanently fund approximately 180 frontline mental health workers in secondary schools (social workers, psychologists and psychotherapists) to reduce wait times and improve access to critical services. Among the survey responders, 61 percent said that their productivity at work was affected by their mental health.

Though the understanding that mental health must be treated on par with physical health has grown, mental illness can still be heavily stigmatised in a country where people are still dismissed or even caricatured as paagal or insane.

"This is consistent with scientific research that has shown that the workplace can actually independently cause or exacerbate existing mental health conditions", the report says.

Tell us what has helped you better handle your own mental health, and what thoughts you might have about how we can break the stigma.

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