Trump's Former Russia Aide Hill Testifies in Impeachment Probe

Trump's Former Russia Aide Hill Testifies in Impeachment Probe

Hill testified that Bolton had as soon as fumed Giuliani is sort of a "hand grenade who's going to blow everybody up".

She testified behind closed doors as part of the impeachment inquiry.

In one he demanded that a whistleblower whose warning about the U.S. president's call with Ukraine triggered the impeachment inquiry be identified and testify before Congress.

Hill, who left the administration in August after over two years in office, testified for around nine hours.

The White House demanded Hill limit her testimony to the contents of the July 25 telephone call and warned she could not discuss internal deliberations or diplomatic communications about the conversation, according to a letter dated Monday from a White House lawyer to Hill's attorney that was seen by Reuters.

A few more notes from the numbers: (1) A slight majority of independents (47/53) oppose the inquiry, (2) a supermajority (71 percent) believe Trump's request of the Ukrainians was either improper or illegal, as opposed to proper (29 percent). and (3) a strong majority (63/37) want the White House to cooperate with House Democrats on their probe.

Trump has denied any quid pro quo, and claimed instead that he was only looking to crack down on corruption.

Fiona Hill, President Trump's former national security adviser on Russian and European affairs, is testifying Monday before Congress in the impeachment inquiry against Mr. Trump.

Mr Sondland was involved in the Ukraine pressure campaign, along with Mr Giuliani.

She overheard the group discuss in regards to the Ukrainian firm that employed Hunter Biden, Burisman Holdings, in addition to Rudy Giuliani, based on the report.

Giuliani's comments come after it emerged that Fiona Hill, a former senior director to Russian and Eurasian affairs, told lawmakers Monday that a meeting between Ukrainian and US officials left her and Bolton so concerned that he told her to alert John Eisenberg, a lawyer at the NSC.

Sondland also appeared to be coordinating his efforts with acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, Hill testified on Monday.

"I am not part of whatever drug deal Sondland and Mulvaney are cooking up", Bolton allegedly told Hill, according to the Times.

Who else has been called to testify?


The Trump administration's removal in May of Marie Yovanovitch as US ambassador to Ukraine may have figured in Hill's testimony.

Trump fired Bolton in September. The decision to dismiss her reportedly followed Mr Giuliani and other conservatives arguing she was biased against the president. "The president signed it and we just assumed it was going out", House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith told NPR earlier this month.

A cache of text messages between three diplomats provided by one of the inquiry's first witnesses, former Ukrainian envoy Kurt Volker, detailed attempts by the diplomats to serve as intermediaries around the time Trump urged Zelensky to start the investigations into a company linked to Biden's son.

Last week, Mr Sondland confirmed he would comply with a House subpoena to face the Democratic-led committees on 17 October.

In yet another development, Mr Trey Gowdy, a former Republican congressman who was announced last Wednesday as joining Mr Trump's outside legal team for the impeachment fight, no longer will be doing so at least for now, according to Mr Jay Sekulow, a lawyer for Mr Trump. Democrats say Congress is well within its power as the legislative branch to conduct oversight of the president and it is Republicans, having grown tired of Trump's actions, who may be in the greater political bind over a vote.

Democrats allege that Trump withheld USA military aid to the country to force the Ukrainians into investigating his political opponent - specifically Biden's role in the firing of a top prosecutor who had been investigating a Ukrainian gas company, where Hunter Biden sat on the board.

Officials in Kiev have said there is no evidence to support the allegations, which the Biden camp calls a smear.

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