US Launched Cyber Attack on Iran following Oil Fields Missiles

US Launched Cyber Attack on Iran following Oil Fields Missiles

He also asserted Iran was in possession of documents pointing to the involvement of "certain governments" in the incident.

Iran is ready to work to improve relations with Saudi Arabia, and to mediate the long-running war in Yemen, but the United States is trying to hinder these efforts, Ali Larijani, speaker of Iran's parliament, has said. Pakistan first tried its hand at mediation in the Middle East rivalry during the Iran-Iraq war.

The PMO said it is releasing this statement to clarify the ambiguities surrounding the terrorist attack on SABITI and also disprove claims of intention to assist the vessel at the time of distress. And while Saudi Arabia and the United States would like to deter further Iranian actions, an unacknowledged attack - like this one - does little to establish deterrence.

"Pakistan's main objective was to avert any conflict between the two countries, Qureshi said, adding that he could say with confidence that the "threat of an immediate conflict" between Saudi Arabia and Iran was now fading away".

Al-Jubeir revealed that the two countries agreed to strengthen relations in many areas such as security, space, education and energy, stressing that the two countries are working together to provide stability in oil prices to serve both sides; producers and consumers. The mode of dialogue was being finalised, he added.

Tehran is also thought to be a major player in spreading disinformation.

Reuters noted that the cyber strike was more limited than past similar attacks on Iran which followed the downing of a United States drone in June and the attack on oil tankers in the Gulf in May.

Since then, Khan has attempted to play the role of facilitator to arrange talks between Riyadh and Tehran.

Following his one-day trip to Iran two days ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday reached Saudi Arabia as part of his initiative for peace and security in the region.

The tensions culminated in a September 14 attack on key Saudi oil infrastructure that halved the kingdom's oil production.

Yemen's Iran-backed Huthi rebels claimed responsibility, but USA officials blamed Tehran and charged that the rebels did not have the range or sophistication to target the facilities.

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