Ant & Dec respond to I'm a Celebrity trial complaints

Ant & Dec respond to I'm a Celebrity trial complaints

Haskell and Kemp had to take part in a series of challenges inspired by ITV2 dating show Love Island, one of which saw them lie in a bed filled with snakes.

The duo had 90 seconds in which James had to unscrew his stars and pass them on to Roman, who in turn had to re-screw them in his boxes.

Things had been going well for the camp mates as they had so far accumulated nine out of twelve possible stars, having successfully completed tasks including fishing for stars out of disgusting pies and passing pigs testicles to each other using only their mouths.

However, many viewers weren't surprised at their loss, speaking out on social media and accusing ITV of giving them an "impossible" mission so that some of the celebs missed out. There was no way those 3 stars could have been transferred in 90 secs even without critters.

A third ranted: 'That task was ridiculous.

In a preview clip of their trial ahead of Sunday's episode, the pair were seen screaming with fear while in a tight spot underground, begging each other to rush through the task as quickly as possible. "That doesn't make good watching at all".

She admitted: "It is partly my fault because we have got a really big family in Ireland and I think they all keep voting for her because I told them to at the start". No time to do the last trial and was so unfair!

Osborne changed his tune about the trials, posting an Instagram story where he said: "I know I said you all vote for Jac cos she's ain't in there to change lightbulbs - but I didn't mean every single trial".

Last part of the live trial was unfair and impossible. They then agreed that James went wrong when a fan suggested that James shouldn't have spent so much time trying to get the star from the box with the crab.

- Mattyy (@mattyy_kitcherr) November 24, 2019Has to be a fix on that last trial @imacelebrity!

"There was no way anyone on this earth could have completed James & Roman's trial in 90secs". Be fair and feed the last three will you? "Shouldn't have had less than 3 mins on that".

Sunday's I'm A Celebrity ended in tension as James Haskell snapped at Ant and Dec after losing out in the live trial. "What was it James?"

Haskell, clearly pretty peeved, hit back: "What was it?"

The stand ins did it when we tested it.

Andrew said: "I'm sorry, I'm really exhausted, I don't know, I'm really exhausted." he started to get emotional in front of Ian, Ian said "Don't cry".

Jacqueline Jossa had to undertake another tough I'm A Celebrity trial on Saturday night after she was voted by the public to enter the "Crevice of Cruelty".

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