Black Eyed Peas star accuses Qantas attendant of racism

Black Eyed Peas star accuses Qantas attendant of racism

I map on the airplane to trip to sleep or I'm going to work'. tweeted, saying the flight attendant was "overly aggressive" to him because he couldn't hear her through his noise-cancelling headphones.

Qantas top probably mentioned "we're taking a peek into what occurred" in regards as to if the flight attendant would face punishment. I put away my laptop when she asked ... why would she feel threatened by me to call the police?

On the opposite hand, insisted that he wished "no hurt" to map reduction to the flight attendant and "expectantly that is a lesson".

Thank God the other passengers testified that she was out of control.

'She should not lose her job over it - if something she ought to be retrained on methods to take care of individuals. "This is an opportunity to be pleasant to everyone, to just be nice". ran into some major issues on Friday night during a flight traveling from Brisbane to Sydney, according to XXL.

The musician was on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney when the stewards asked passengers to prepare for landing and put away their equipment. "It was an wonderful crew but I have never had this experience before".

"We completely reject the suggestion this had anything to do with race", they continued. I'm sorry to say me and my group have experienced the worse service due to an overly aggressive flight attendant...

In other tweets, said he wasn't the only person on the flight to be "disrespected".

However in response to The Veronicas' tweet, a Qantas spokesman said "simply, it's not true".

At the 2020 Breakthrough Prize earlier this month.'s post included a screenshot of a message that the social media user had sent to the flight attendant, much of it containing expletives and other derogatory remarks, including the accusation that she thought she was better than everyone else because she's white.

Another passenger said the abuse onboard was so terrifying he was left shivering in the plane bathroom.

Since exposing the names of the officer and the flight attendant, a few of his 12.8M Twitter fans have voiced their concerns about sharing their identities, especially to outrageous fans.

He then went on to particularly title the flight attendant and shared a shaky photograph of a federal police officer, who greeted the group on disembarking the aircraft. - actual title William Adams - mentioned he had not heard bulletins over the PA asking passengers to place digital units away as a result of he was carrying noise cancelling headphones. Subsequently the second attendant spoke to about closing his laptop.

He then went on to describe how he felt "intimidated" when five officers turned up in Sydney after the flight attendant called the police, although no further action was taken.

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