Bobby Orr defends Don Cherry, rips Sportsnet for decision to fire commentator

Bobby Orr defends Don Cherry, rips Sportsnet for decision to fire commentator

Hockey Hall of Famer and former Boston Bruins player Bobby Orr called the decision to fire Cherry 'disgraceful'.

Last Friday, he spoke with Postmedia's Joe Warmington, scolding poppy-less Canadians for their lack of support.

On the November 9 Coach's Corner Cherry accused immigrants who don't wear a poppy as being disloyal and uncaring.

Cherry never singled out a race.

Cherry has said a lot of controversial things over the years but the firestorm actually started on the November 2 Coach's Corner when he said that Ottawa Senator's player Scott Sabourin who went down after a hard collision with Boston's David Backes as being, "just knocked out, that's all".

However, say his comments were offensive - were they that much more offensive than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing blackface and singing the Banana Boat song? "I don't want anything more to happen to him".

"You have no idea the stuff he does people that nobody knows about", mentioned Orr.

Cherry hasn't apologized, but then that's Don, that's not what he does, while McLean did apologize for not jumping in and controlling the conversation a little better.

Former Toronto Maple Leaf and current Colorado Avalanche Nazem Kadri, who is of Lebanese descent and has every right to be offended by such a comment had to be the one to defend him.

If this was the time for him to step down, Cherry deserved to go out in a way that honoured his many years of promoting the game of hockey, instead the lame one-sentence "we thank Don ..." statement that Sportsnet issued. "That's definitely unfortunate", Kadri said to the Denver Post's Kyle Fredrickson.

We'll see what happens, but I do know this, Cherry often said what the common fan is thinking, and this was related by all the social media chatter following The Don's firing.

Either way I have a feeling that even though Calgary fans won't be dominant at the big show there will still be plenty of fans to fill the stands. People maybe took it out of context a little bit.

Legendary defenceman Bobby Orr has blasted Sportsnet for firing Don Cherry. It's a new world, I guess.

You either love Don Cherry, or you hate him - there was no middle ground with him. Cherry expressed disappointment in his friend for that apology, but refused to "throw him under the bus". Honestly, I hope Sportsnet feels the sting of cancel culture karma for a long while.

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