Bullet mailed to Inter Milan coach

Bullet mailed to Inter Milan coach

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera had previously reported that the club's manager Antonio Conte had received the anonymous letter containing the threats and a bullet to his home address.

An investigation has now been launched while Conte is now under police surveillance exterior his dwelling and at Inter's coaching ground.

Reports claimed the letter, which arrived at Inter's headquarters in Milan, contained a bullet along with references to the former Chelsea boss.

The club has however contradicted other reports that suggested their coach recieved the letter personally, indicating that it was sent to no particular individual.

"It was the club that received a letter and, as is the practice in this kind of situation, it contacted the competent authorities".

Meanwhile, Conte's wife Elisabetta Muscarello wrote on social media: "For the document: the story of the bullet is a hoax!"

The 50-year-old returned to Italian football after a short-yet-successful stint at Chelsea which saw him win both the English Premier League and FA Cup during his two-year tenure.

The club did not take long to react to this news and complemented the information, clarifying that Conte was not the one who received the envelope.

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