Can he 'ride it out'? Pompeo future uncertain after impeachment testimony

Can he 'ride it out'? Pompeo future uncertain after impeachment testimony

Yet his most "damaging" testimony in long hours of questioning Wednesday turned out to rest on nothing but mere assumptions.

In other words, Trump has moved from digital to analog. And Sondland assumed Rudy was following Trump's orders. The president named the hotel magnet his ambassador to the European Union a year ago.

"It really depends on what you mean by 'know well, '" Sondland said. Radiant that resistance used to be futile, Sondland, Energy Secretary Rick Perry after which-special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker worked with Giuliani to force Ukraine "on the yell direction of the president of the USA".

"She does constantly tell people I'm a mistake", Cuomo, for some reason, chose to add of his mom before the panel mercifully moved on. "This is not a man I know well", Trump told reporters at the White House. "He seems like a nice guy though". "Right here's now not a particular person I know effectively", Trump urged journalists on the White Home.

"He genuinely supported assorted candidates".

Sondland supported Jeb Bush during the 2016 Republican presidential primary but did support Trump once he won the nomination and made a $1 million donation to his inaugural committee.

But he said he didn't recall a lot of specifics about that conversation.

Sondland, in the hearing, confirmed he never heard directly from Trump about a quid pro quo that connected military aid for Ukraine to investigations. And he just said, 'I want nothing.

Republicans have argued there couldn't be a "quid pro quo" - investigations into Democrats for military aid - if Ukrainians weren't aware of a hold on the aid. Trump now says he barely knows the fellow.

Earlier, Sondland said that "it was abundantly clear that there was a link" between the actions Ukraine desired and an announcement on investigations on behalf of Kyiv.

There were other moments of levity.

When the call ended, Holmes said he asked Sondland if it was true that Trump did not "give a s-t about Ukraine". Maybe they're talking. Should I be worried?,' earning laughs from the crowd.

"I noted that there was "big stuff" going on in Ukraine, like a war with Russian Federation, and Ambassador Sondland replied that he meant "big stuff" that benefits the president, like the Biden investigation that Mr. Giuliani was pushing".

She said Wednesday she'd since seen emails provided by staffers showing Ukrainian officials asked about the aid on July 25, the day of the call where Trump asked Zelensky to "do me a favor".

'The one lonely amigo they're going to throw under the bus, ' Krishnamoorthi noted. One said "that the Ukrainian Embassy and House Foreign Affairs Committee are asking about security assistance". Not from us, ' Nunes replied.

The testimony of Sondland proves that "bribery" lies at the heart of the Ukraine impeachment probe and proves President Trump engaged in "potential high crimes and misdemeanors", according to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

Sondland opened the hearing by asserting that Team Trump imposed a "quid pro quo" on Ukraine.

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