Don Cherry FIRED - Public Reaction

Don Cherry FIRED - Public Reaction

Their parents were able to afford to spend $5,000 year on minor hockey: $5,000 is a lot of money.

Longtime hockey coach and commentator Don Cherry has been a feature on the much loved "Hockey Night in Canada" broadcast for 40 years. They could go on a trip and learn about the world.

Cherry left viewers shocked during Saturday's "Coach's Corner" segment in which he criticized people who were not wearing poppy pins to mark Canada's Remembrance Day.

"It was disgusting to watch this network air the sickening and racist rant against Canadians today. #FireJessAllen", tweeted one person.

Allen responded first on Twitter and later on Wednesday's show. "Because of this, I am guilty of having conflicted feelings about hockey being so closely linked to our national identity".

Her comments were offensive, but the whole point of free speech is to be able to speak freely and not be fired for ruffling feathers.

The Colorado Avalanche center, whose father was raised in Lebanon before moving to Ontario in the 1960s, according to The Denver Post's Kyle Frederickson, defended Cherry's comments on Tuesday.

However, perhaps the lesson here is to remember that when somebody says things they don't like, the same freedom they enjoy applies to their targets, too.

A panelist on 'The Social, ' Jessica Allen, dropped quite the stereotypes on hockey players during her rant on Cherry's firing. Many women and girls play hockey including at the Olympics. "It's going to be hard to see [Hockey Night in Canada] without him, that's definitely unfortunate". Cherry told Carlson he has the support of the silent majority, including law enforcement, and said his mistake was using the term "you people" rather than a more innocuous, inclusive term such as "everybody". "I suppose if I had to do it over again, I would have said 'everybody, '" he said. "These soldiers died so we can have our way of life".

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