Edge browser has a new logo, looks less like Internet Explorer

Edge browser has a new logo, looks less like Internet Explorer

The Microsoft Edge logo looks like "e", which looks more or less like a fluent design language.

The Chromium-based Edge has been available in beta since August, but it's not certain just when the finished version will arrive. The ocean wave spiral-like theme now sits will the company's depth-based 3D redesign for Office icons. It was revealed as an Easter egg in a special series of puzzles posted my Microsoft employees as cryptic clues including the use of Javscript that led to a secret surfing game that ultimately led to new logo.

The Android app hasn't yet been updated with the new icon, but that will probably happen once the desktop browser switches over. The main goal of the Microsoft Edge browser is to tap the market share on non-Windows devices and also to compete with Vivaldi and Opera.

With the move to the Chromium engine, Microsoft was already taking great strides to move away from Edge's inevitable association with Internet Explorer - the browser everyone loves to hate. Unfortunately, it used the same logo as the infamous Internet Explorer browser, which may deter people from actually using it. With this new refresh, the icon for the browser is also getting some overhaul. The message is clear: Microsoft is breaking with the past with this new version.

According to Statcounter, Google Chrome accounts for 68.91% of global internet browser market share.

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