Facebook has acquired the studio behind Beat Saber

Facebook has acquired the studio behind Beat Saber

Facebook has brought Beat Games into the Oculus fold, announcing the acquisition Tuesday afternoon. The game, which is a neon-clad Tron-like rhythm-based music game was released to accolades that not many would have expected, following the steady decline of the music game genre. This includes the long-awaited 360-degrees mode which is scheduled to release in December as well as a number of new music for gamers to try.

Facebook has also stated that the acquisition of Beat Games is just a first step and it will look to expand its VR offerings in 2020, which may mean other studios get bought out by the social media giant.

Beat Games' headquarters will remain in Prague, Czech Republic. While they promised to allow Beat Games thrive on its own with additional resources, we can not rule out the fact Beat Games sold out over one million copies of the game, hence the attraction. "This is just the beginning", concludes Verdu. "I've been in the industry for a while and have seen that firsthand", Verdu said. "We are thrilled to join forces to see where this talented team takes VR gaming in the future". The company also mentioned that the game will not be made as an Oculus Rift exclusive, and will still be available on other supported platforms.

Horizon replaces earlier versions of the social VR community Facebook Spaces and Oculus Rooms.

In a blog post, the company acknowledged as much, "We understand and appreciate the value that modding brings to Beat Saber when done so legally and within our policies".

It appears the combined efforts of Beat Games and Oculus Studios serves as an attempt to further explore the possibilities with regards to VR. But he noted that the current policy in place does not protect those who make mods infringing on copyrights or containing malicious code. He has been into games ever since, only briefly stepping away during his college years. The studio will continue to support and build out Beat Saber.

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